Shivam Advisors Limited : Our Consultants, Advisors and Partners

Shivam Advisors Limited has an extensive professional network of senior Financial Services executives who are brought in to work under the Shivam Advisors Limited umbrella depending on the nature of the client requirement and the mandate. Each client engagement is built with people possessing the right skills, knowledge and ability to meet each client’s objectives, with a particular emphasis on Shivam Advisors Limited’s corporate values

A selection of some of the roles that our Financial Services executives have performed in the past, demonstrate the skill sets that Shivam Advisors Limited deploys to engagements are mentioned below. In addition, we have a number of individuals – MBA’s and Chartered Accountants with experience across Banking products, Regulatory Issues, Risk, Operations, Finance & Treasury

  • Head of Institutional Banking
  • CEO of Asian operations, UK Bank
  • Head of Business Development, Asset Manager
  • Head of Treasury Operations
  • Head of Credit and Retail Banking Operations
  • Director of Audit, Global Insurance Company
  • Transition Director, Corporate Bank
  • Head of Strategy, Bank
  • Corporate Development, Consumer Finance Firm
  • CEO, Internet start-up business
  • COO, FinTech start-up
  • Investment Director, Private Equity
  • Risk Management Director, Bank
  • Leader, Remediation Program, Bank
  • Head of Investor Relations, Bank
  • CTO, Start-up Insurance company
  • Global Head of Sourcing, Bank
  • COO, Insurance Company
  • Head of Global Transaction Banking, Bank
  • Head of Operations, Bank
  • Head of Group Property and Logistics, Bank
  • COO of Fintech start-up, Bank
  • Independent Outsourcing and Offshoring Expert, Bank
  • Head of Retail Operations, Bank
  • Head of Wealth Operations, Bank
  • Large scale Transformation Integration Expert, Bank